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Adelita San Vicente Tello

Adelita San Vicente Tello:
Fundación Semillas de Vida

Adelita San Vicente Tello is the Director of Fundación Semillas de Vida (Seeds of Life Foundation). She holds an Agronomist Master’s Degree in Rural Development from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Xochimilco, specialized in Economics of Agrifood System in Viterbo, Italy and is an Agroecology PhD candidate at the University of Medellin, Colombia .

Adelita has collaborated with various non-governmental organizations and farmers developing training programs, environmental education and planning for the sustainable management of natural resources resulting in the publication of manuals that systematize the experiences. She has also held positions linked to the rural sector in various institutions and governments, at both the municipal and federal levels.

She worked with the Regional Union of Ejidos and Communities in the Hidalgo Huasteca (URECHH ) in marketing their products and participated in Tepoztlan community against the Golf Club, a movement that managed to stop the imposition of a project that was billed as the largest golf club in Latin America.

In 2007 she was part of the organizers of the national campaign Sin Maíz, No Hay País – Without Corn There is No Country to fight for food sovereignty and the reactivation of fields, which continues to this day.

She currently heads the Seeds of Life Foundation whose mission is the defense of healthy eating without GMOs and the protection of Mexican seeds, especially corn.

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