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Alma Piñeyro Nelson

Alma Piñeyro Nelson: Biologist, Unión de Científicos Comprometidos con la Sociedad (UCCS)

Alma Piñeyro Nelson is a biologist who has focused on the development, evolution and genetics of plants. She has participated in several scientific studies documenting the inadvertent introduction of transgenes into native varieties of corn and cotton in Mexico, a country that is the center of origin and diversification of both crops.

She has been active in the scientific debate and social movement that has opposed the open field introduction of transgenic maize into Mexico and is a founding member of the Mexican non-for-profit organization Unión de Científicos Comprometidos con la Sociedad, formalized in 2006.

She is the co-editor of a recent multidisciplinary book (2013) addressing the potential negative impacts that the introduction of transgenic corn into Mexico would have at the agricultural, social, cultural and economic levels.

Alma is currently a postdoctoral scholar in UC Berkeley, where she is investigating a set of genes involved in floral development across monocot plants.

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