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Chris Hardy

Chris Hardy: Permaculture Educator
GMO Free Jackson County
Our Family Farms Coalition
Rogue Valley Farm to School Program
Rogue Valley Growers Market

Chris Hardy is a third-generation farmer whose connection to the land was cultivated in Iowa while working on his Grandpa’s 400 acre family farm. Chris went on to travel extensively, working with farming communities as far away as Pakistan.

As a farmer actively engaged in permaculture education and the local food movement in Southern Oregon, he oversees 10 acres of certified organic vegetables, perennials and seed crops. He has worked extensively with the Rogue Valley Farm to School Program and has served on the Rogue Valley Growers Market Board of Directors for four years, actively helping to develop and expand market opportunities for regional farmers.

He was chief petitioner of the overwhelmingly supported effort Jackson County initiative to ban genetically engineered crops and founding farmer of Our Family Farms Coalition, working to protect S. Oregon’s farmers from the risks of genetically engineered crops.

He has spoken extensively on the impacts genetically engineered crops are having on S. Oregon family farms and was recently a guest speaker at a number of conferences, from Oregon to Iowa.

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