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Evan Gregoire

Evan Gregoire: Boondockers Farm

Evan Gregoire is co-owner of Boondockers Farm, along with Rachel Kornstein. Boondockers Farm focuses on rare Heritage Poultry, specifically the Ancona and Saxony duck breeds and Delaware chicken breed. The farm is dedicated to providing the most sustainable, amazingly fresh, humanely, all pasture raised, breeding stock, heritage meats, eggs, and heirloom seeds to the Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas. Using the most innovative pasture rotational grazing systems they are able to produce an amazing food forest on the land using the animals as the heart of the ecological system. The animals they focus on are listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and are well deserving of re-popularization. In order to make a closed cycle, they hatch and breed every bird on their farm. It is a true closed system, unlike many other farms that have chicks brought in every year from massive hatcheries.

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