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Lisa Arkin

Lisa Arkin: Beyond Toxics

Lisa Arkin, Executive Director of the Beyond Toxics, has a combined 27 years of experience in research and teaching in higher education and non-profit managerial experience. Arkin initiated legislation for the Oregon State Senate that change the statewide discussion around pesticides, chemical drift and children’s health. Her work with Beyond Toxics resulted in key legislation to reduce pesticides at all schools and state property in Oregon. Her organization was also the first to research the relationship between field burning and under-reported asthma in Oregon rural communities. This research helped make the case for the ban on field burning in the Willamette Valley. Under Arkin’s leadership, Beyond Toxics organized the model Environmental Justice project in the West Eugene Industrial Corridor; this project revealed correlations between children’s asthma and proximity to industrial sites emitting significant amounts of air toxics. In 2014, Beyond Toxics helped Eugene become the first city in the U.S. to ban neonicotinoids. Arkin prioritizes successful efforts to frame environmental protection as a human rights and social justice issue. She serves on a number of state workgroups on toxics, health, air quality and water quality.

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