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Miguel Robles

Miguel Robles: Biosafety Alliance, Las Hormigas Organicas and Californians for GE Food Labeling Coalition

Miguel Robles is the Co-Founder/Project Director of Biosafety Alliance and main organizer of the annual Justice Begins with Seeds Conference.
He has founded several organizations and launched campaigns of great social impact during his continuous involvement in various social struggles related to globalization, democracy and human/immigrant rights. Most recently he focused on environment and food justice. He is a very well know activist throughout the Latino networks in California and other states where he has been invited to present in conferences & community events concerning his work on immigrant rights, the environment and non-GMO advocacy.

He was the field organizer for Spanish speakers in 2012 during the Prop. 37 campaign in California, in which the Latino vote in support of GMO Labeling reached 61%, the highest in the vote preferences by ethnicity. He is one of the founder members of the Californians for GE Food Labeling Coalition.

He is a strong supporter of the moratorium to plant Genetically Engineered Corn in Mexico and works closely with the leaders behind it. For years he has hosted a weekly educational radio program in Spanish at a commercial radio station in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area in which he educates about sustainability, environmental & food issues. He is the founder of Hormigas Organicas, a grassroots project focused on creating edible family gardens among Latino communities in Northern California, where he facilitates workshops and presentations on urban farming, Hormigas Organicas also play an important part of the food production at the Albany Gill Track.

For many years he has been an intermittent resident of the San Francisco Mission District.

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