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Mona Caron

Mona Caron: Muralist, Illustrator and Artivist

Mona Caron is a San Francisco based muralist, illustrator and artivist, focusing on community-informed and site specific public art. She has created murals in the US, Switzerland, Spain, Bolivia and Brazil, and has freelanced as an illustrator since 1996.

Mona has created street art and illustrations in accompaniment of bicycle advocacy organizations and public space defenders locally and abroad, and whilst joining forces with David Solnit in the creation of art for street actions, she has created murals and other imagery for organizations including the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (of Florida’s farmworkers), Zero-waste Detroit,, the Federation of Factory Workers of Cochabamba Bolivia and autonomous water cooperatives there.

Her public murals typically utilize depictions of both history and the contemporary zeitgeist to spark street conversations, leading towards painting a collaboratively imagined alternative to the status quo, pictorially formulating visions of neighborhoods re-made by and for their communities. These painted visions often center around multi-purposed and convivial ways of addressing urban food security, and the mural projects have included street happenings with interactive performances on the same topic.

Mona also creates non-narrative artwork symbolizing resilience, resistance, collective strength and breakthrough, mostly in the form of botanical mural paintings of greatly magnified weeds, wild plants, and common vegetables, sprouting in locations housing “nowtopian” experiments, or in points of resistance, or simply at the hidden margins of urban settings.

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