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Scott Bates

Scott Bates: GMO Free Oregon

Scott, as the Director of GMO Free Oregon, has been working hard with volunteers all over the state to put GMO measures on the ballot at both the State and County levels. He has been instrumental in the campaign for placing Measure 92 on the ballot this November in Oregon. A yes vote on Measure 92 would require mandatory labeling of raw and packaged foods containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) by January 1, 2016.

“GMO Free Oregon is a group of volunteers across the state working to pass legislation that addresses the growing concerns related to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). At the consumer level, requiring foods that contain genetically modified ingredients to be labeled as such is paramount to keeping the consumer informed about what they eat and affording them the opportunity to make decisions on their own if they want to avoid GMOs in their food. At the agriculture and environment levels, passing local ordinances in areas where the farming community is concerned about the impact GMO crops have on their livelihood and health is a crucial step to preserving sustainable agriculture, organic farming, and reducing the negative impacts to the health and well being of the residents, natural communities, and ecosystems that stem from GMO farming.”

–GMO Free Oregon Website

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