List of Events 2012

List of events organized by ALIADI/Biosafety Alliance in 2012


We have been filming presentations and actions that we organize, in order to share this information in social media and reach more people interested in the non-GMO movement.

April 28th in Portland Oregon

North West Food Sovereignty Coalition Forum

Speakers included:
Dr. Lisa Weasel, professor of biology at PSU,
Dr. Richard Dewey, PSU, Julia DeGraw – Food and Water Watch,
Michele Knaus-Friends of Family Farmers,
Wes Kempfer-Sierra Club,
Miguel Robles-Biosafety Alliance,
Mary Nichols-GMO Free Oregon,
Chris Hardy-Farmer form Jackson county.

May 3rd in Portland Oregon, Ecotrust building

Seed Freedom Campaign: West Coast Launch with Vandana Shiva:

May 18th & 19th San Francisco California

The Past Year, Biosafety Alliance organized the 3rd Justice Begins with Seeds International Conference, an educational summit which brought over 40 speakers, who shared their experiences in relation to food sovereignty, in countries like Senegal, Kenya, South Africa, India, UK, Mexico, Guatemala and the US. Organizers, Farmers and community members from all over the state of California, who were interested in connecting local and global struggles in defense of organic seeds, attended this conference. As strong supporters of promote The California Ballot Initiative for GMO Labeling. Biosafety Alliance invited the main organizers to be a substantial part of the event.

Biosafety Alliance International Conference

February-November 2012

Educational Radio Program in Spanish in the Greater Bay Area
An Educational Radio Program in Spanish that we hosted for half an hour every week, and that lasted 9 months. We educated about sustainability, environment and food related issues, we also supported The California Ballot Initiative for GMO Labeling. During this period we interviewed; Associate professor Dr. Elena Alvares Bullya, Dr. Miguel Altieri -Agro-ecologist, Dr. Ignacio Chapela – Mycologist, Mr. Tezozomoc of South Central Farms, among dozens of researchers, activists, farmers and community educators. We reached over 70,000 listeners during every program.

October 6th San Francisco, California

Right to Know Rally & March in support of Prop. 37
Gathering over 300 people on October 6th. we also worked closely with the City Council and the Mayor of the City of Richmond to write a resolution in support of Prop. 37 which was unanimously passed.

October 20th in Portland Oregon

Biosafety Alliance hosted the Seeds Freedom Summit at Portland State University.
An event attended by students, academics and community members.

Educational Radio Program in Spanish in Southern California

Five Fridays in October and one in November we hosted a one hour radio program in a commercial station that covered the Area of Los Angeles, San Diego and Fresno. Our goal was to educate about Genetically Modified Organisms and the impact to the environment, human health, consumers rights, monopoly, corporate control of seeds, politics, economy, food sovereignty, and other issues linked to the Proposition 37 for GMO Labeling. Printed materials: We printed thousands of fliers and posters in Spanish that were distributed for several months in areas with high number of Spanish speakers (Los Angeles, Fresno, Bakersfield, Stockton, the Greater Bay Area and Sonoma County).

Vandana Shiva presentation, Prop. 37 Vital for Food Democracy

On October 31st we organized a very successful presentation for Dr. Vandana Shiva at the auditorium of the Women’s Building in San Francisco in which she acknowledged the importance of educating people of color in order to gain support for Prop. 37 which in her own words, was Vital for Food Democracy. We just had learned that in the areas where Prop. 37 reached its highest number of votes, was among Hispanic and African American communities. At an after election meeting to strategize next steps, regarding the anti-GMO’s fight, Biosafety Alliance was recognized as a main player during the campaign for GMO Labeling and a key ally for future campaigns.