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San Francisco’s proposed soda tax would add 2 pennies per ounce to the cost of soda, energy drinks, and other sugar- sweetened beverages with more than 25 calories. Diet sodas and naturally sweetened beverages like juice would not be included.

It is Estimated to Generate Over $30 Million in Annual Revenue For Active Recreation and Nutrition Programs.

By law, the revenue must be used to fund active recreation and nutrition programs in San Francisco public schools, parks, and recreation centers; food access initiatives, drinking fountain and water bottle filling stations; and dental health services.

Specifically the funds will be allocated to:

The San Francisco Unified School District for student nutrition services; nutrition education; after-school nutrition programs; expansion and improvement of physical education and after-school physical activity programs.
The Department of Public Health and the Public Utilities Commission for healthy food access initiatives; drinking fountains and water bottle filling stations; oral health services; chronic disease prevention; and public education campaigns, and to fund grants for community-based organizations that support physical activity, food access, public outreach, and health programs.
The Recreation and Park Department for recreation centers, and organized sports and athletic programming with a priority on programs serving low-income and underserved communities.
The legislation requires disadvantaged/low-income communities, including those most impacted by the diabetes and obesity epidemics be prioritized in funding decisions. The measure is structured to require that funding be in addition to current funding levels and not utilized as replacement funding for existing programs.

The tax will be imposed at the point of the first distribution within San Francisco and will be paid by the distributor.

The Problem: Soda is the Largest Single Source of Added Sugar in the American Diet.

Soda accounts for half of all sugar in our diet. 32% of children and adolescents in San Francisco are either obese or overweight. They are at increased risk for type II diabetes, asthma, depression, early puberty, and behavior and learning problems.

Your Body Doesn’t Process Sugary Beverages the Same Way it Does Food.

The negative health impacts of liquid sugar are more severe and more immediate than sugar added to foods. Drinking sugary sodas for just two weeks contributes to the development of diabetes and heart disease.

Big Soda Advertising.

While all groups of children and teens are exposed to advertising for soda and sugary beverages, Big Soda floods communities of color with advertising. A 2011 Yale Rudd Center study showed African-American kids and teens see 80% to 90% more soda ads than white children. Hispanic teens were exposed to 99% more soda ads than their white counterparts.

Soda Taxes Will Save Lives.

Research shows that raising the price of soda by just 2 cents per ounce will decrease consumption and save lives.